What is Proudly Carbon Neutral?

If your company has been putting off the development of a carbon reduction strategy, the time to change that is now. From October 2013, all companies listed on the London Stock Exchange must comply with carbon reduction regulations, including annual reporting. Companies not listed on the LSE would still do well to adopt a carbon neutral policy in order to contribute to national goals of greenhouse gas reduction and sustainability.

Proudly Carbon Neutral can help you calculate your carbon footprint. We will also work with you to adopt and implement carbon reduction strategies, carbon offsetting and reporting. We assist both individuals and companies in becoming proactive in their environmental responsibilities. We believe the time for talking is over; the time for action is now.

When you work with Proudly Carbon Neutral, you are working with a dynamic company committed to making sure you are adopting a truly carbon neutral approach. This approach means more than simply acquiring carbon offset credits; it is an approach designed to help you identify carbon reduction strategies that fit well into your business plan, thus enabling you to become carbon neutral while still growing and developing your business.

Our company partners with ManageCO2 to help you achieve maximum results. Our carbon accountants are industry leaders in developing carbon reduction strategies, while Manage CO2 has developed award-winning software that makes auditing and reporting as easy as can be. Together, we will devise and implement an effective strategy for your company.

When your plan is implemented and your goals are met, your company will be able to license the Proudly Carbon Neutral logo on all promotional materials, letting current and future customers know you have truly achieved carbon neutrality.

For Individuals

Individual consumers can do their part to reduce emissions and manage their carbon footprint. We offer advice and strategies that help individual consumers use energy more efficiently and reduce household and vehicle emissions. Our carbon calculator makes it easy for our customers to track and better manage emissions at a personal level.

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For Businesses

We offer businesses of all sizes sound and effective strategies designed to help reduce carbon emissions, better manage environmental footprints, and present an image of social responsibility. This is especially important to companies listed on the LSE; such companies are now required to report emissions data along with their annual financial reporting.

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