About Us

Since the 1980s, there has been much talk about greenhouse gases and their effect on our environment. These gases can be released through just about everything humans do, including food production and consumption, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure development, and construction.

Proudly Carbon Neutral Ltd. is a new and dynamic carbon advisory group committed to helping both individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprints, not by preventing the human activities listed above, but by finding new ways to do those things while reducing carbon output at the same time. The Proudly Carbon Neutral team has invaluable experience in many different business sectors, corporate environments, and international jurisdictions.

The primary mission of our company is to be a valuable partner to both businesses and individuals worldwide; a partner that can help you develop comprehensive carbon management strategies. When the right strategies are developed and implemented, they greatly increase the value of a business and the reputation and strength that come from proactive sustainable practices.

Proudly Carbon Neutral knows what it takes to make sure our clients succeed in their carbon management goals. As such, our core principles are focused on your success. Our approach is one of innovation and consultation, designed to develop strategies that enhance your business plan rather than detract from it. In so doing we help your company become both environmentally responsible and more profitable at the same time.

Our approach to individual clients is the same. We want every individual we work with to learn effective strategies and lifestyle changes that will help them contribute to a better plan for all.

When all of us work together to reduce greenhouse gases, we are all contributing to the worthy goal of worldwide sustainability. That end goal is what Proudly Carbon Neutral is working toward. We call it...

Sustainability in Motion.