Industry Partners

Proudly Carbon Neutral firmly believes in helping companies meet their corporate social responsibility and regulatory requirements based on their own unique needs. That's why we've teamed up with other experts in the field – experts who are able to bring their own contributions to the table. By partnering with these other organisations, Proudly Carbon Neutral is able to offer your business the best service possible.

From 1 October 2013, companies listed on the London Stock Exchange are required to include detailed emissions data with their annual Directors' Report. However, unless a company has the right software for compiling and reporting data, the task will likely be much more difficult than it needs to be. That's where ManageCO2 can help.

ManageCO2 has created an award-winning software package with one purpose: to compile and report the extensive amount of data required to comply with emissions standards and regulations. The software allows for an incredible amount of detail that provides benefits above and beyond simply meeting reporting requirements.

The software can also help companies track energy use, emissions, and economic, environmental and social factors. By using this data, current practices can be adjusted for greater efficiency and better results. Companies can also look for ways to implement new technologies and practices that might help improve the data in the future.

Proudly Carbon Neutral is pleased to partner with ManageCO2 and their award-winning software. We believe the key to successful carbon neutral strategies is access to reliable and real-time information. The ManageCO2 software provides that information.

As a world-leading carbon consulting firm, Carbon Minded provides their expertise in carbon reduction strategies to some of the world's most well known companies. We are proud to partner with them to offer our customers that same level of expertise. Our partnership with Carbon Minded allows us to develop, for our clients, effective ways to reduce energy consumption and control emissions.

Carbon Minded is also the strategic carbon management partner for Auditel; a leading cost management consultancy serving more than 3,700 business clients around the world. Carbon Minded has worked with reputable companies like McDonald's and the Carling Academy, as well as large local authorities.

Proudly Carbon Neutral is thrilled to be able to partner with Carbon Minded for the benefit of our customers. Our partnership means maximum results for each and every one of our clients. Together we are committed to making sure you reach your efficiency and carbon reduction goals.

The APX Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Registry is a trusted and secure platform for issuing, tracking, and retiring Verified Carbon Units (VCU). The Registry is designed to support the VCS consortium's goal of bringing accountability to the voluntary carbon offset market. In so doing, APX helps to increase confidence in sustainability efforts at three levels: individual, business, and government.

As a company, APX believes strongly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through market solutions and mechanisms. To that end, the company develops and deploys infrastructure and carbon exchanges for the global economy. Their efforts are shaping environmental strategies that will become the engine of liquidity and growth.

Proudly Carbon Neutral partners with APX to help maintain that delicate balance between meeting carbon emissions standards and operating a viable business. Without this partnership, it would be more difficult for our company to develop and recommend sound strategies for our customers. We are proud to have APX as a member of the team.