Carbon Calculator

Take a Few Minutes to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

It has been said that knowledge is power. We agree, which is why we offer you the leading carbon footprint calculator on the Web. Our calculator helps consumers learn how to lower carbon emissions and find offsetting projects they can be involved in.

How does it work? First the calculator identifies your individual carbon footprint by asking simple questions about your:

  • home energy use
  • car and motorbike
  • use of flights rail, and bus service
  • secondary sources of carbon emissions.

The calculator then takes those answers and produces a measurement of your carbon footprint based on data and estimates from eight different sources in Europe, North America, and Australia. Finally, it shows you ways you can offset your carbon footprint through a variety of projects around the world. When you're finished, you can also follow a link to our CO2 reduction page for tips on reducing your emissions.

Our carbon footprint calculator is one of the easiest and most effective ways for consumers to reduce carbon emissions. By providing you with the knowledge of your footprint and effective strategies to reduce it, we are partnering with you for a better environment.