Carbon neutral strategy is not simply a matter for businesses. Each individual consumer interested in doing their part to help preserve the environment can become Proudly Carbon Neutral as well. We offer our individual customers the opportunity to offset their own emissions against one of our verified global offsetting projects, and to make their own personal strategies for dealing with the emissions from their lifestyle.

Consumers can use these benchmarks, along with our carbon calculator, to control emissions relating to everyday household living. By making the best use of home energy in a way that both meets household needs and stresses efficiency, emissions can be reduced.

Vehicle emissions are another area where our individual customers can contribute. Learning to incorporate alternatives and/or reducing driving means more efficient use of vehicles and can therefore reduce emissions drastically. Probably Carbon Neutral provides customers with the most effective strategies.

You do not have to be a business owner or manager to become carbon neutral. As an individual, you can learn strategies to reduce your emissions and make a difference today!